February 21, 2019


Previously we have chosen some of the best budget electric skateboards on the market. However, they always tend to compromise some of the features that could further elevate your riding experience. Today we are going to expand our budget a little bit and discover more exciting longboards under $1,000 USD, which means a lot more quality, much better performance and a general reliability increase across the whole range. Below is what we have found and our reviews on 15 electric skateboards under $1000 USD for your reference.

Yuneec E-G02


The Yuneec has a very stylish and aesthetically pleasing look. It comes in 3 colours (pink, blue and green) and has a familiar kicktail shape that really helps with control and even tricks.

The E-G02 is capable of going up to 15 mph, but like all electric personal transportation, this will be very dependant on the rider, condition and terrain. What is also affected by these things is the maximum range that the skateboard can reach. It will generally be able to reach a total of 18 miles on a single charge, which is very impressive.

The Yuneec also has 2 riding modes that allow you extra control and will even help save a bit of battery life.

Yuneec have even created a mobile app that will connect to your skateboard and let you keep track of your stats and battery levels. This is a great little app that is genuinely very useful. It’s also perfect for people that want to keep everything on their phones rather than having to have multiple additional ways of tracking themselves.

Overall, the Yuneec is a good purchase if you’re looking for an entry-level electric skateboard that has a bit extra. It’s well built, has some nice features and performs well.


 Atom Electric H16D


The Atom Electric H16D is a dual hub motor electric skateboard. Think of this like a 4 wheel drive car. You get more traction and generally more control. With the H16D you get two 700W motors that are built into the wheels of the skateboard. This gives a reduces profile and a sleeker appearance and ride. The motors are lightweight and compact and gives the board the feel of a general longboard rather than an electric longboard.

The motors will give you around a 20 mph top speed depending on weight and terrain etc. They are powered by a 158Wh lithium-ion battery that gives a range of around 12 miles. It can also conquer slope of around 15 degrees. On paper, the stats are a little behind some of the bother boards on the list but in reality, this will tend to keep up very well. This could be due to its lightweight deck.

The deck is a carbon fibre deck that is very light, the whole board, including the dual motors comes in at less than 13 lbs. This also means the board is strong and durable. You could easily throw this board around and it wouldn’t bat an eye. We also really like the aesthetics, the matt black finish looks great and the motors and batteries being hidden away are a nice feature that makes it feel like a normal skateboard.

The remote is also just as sleek and well made. It’s wireless with two modes of operation. It also has a battery level indicator which many of the cheaper boards simply do not.

Overall, this is a great option if you’re looking for a good looking electric skateboard that doesn’t break the bank. It’s well made, having a fairly unique deck that’s made from carbon fibre. The price is great, giving you a few hundred dollars left over from our budget. A few little nitpicks we have with the board are that the performance isn’t quite as good as we’d like and the ride is a little rough. If you can live with those then you’ll be getting an incredible electric longboard at a very reasonable price.



The Mototec is another off-road electric skateboard that has a lot of versatility and is very well made. It looks like a classic skateboard except with the addition of a big battery pack and some massive tires. These tires give it the ability to be ridden fairly comfortably on basically any terrain and surface. It’ll manage dirt, sand, gravel, soil and many more. This means you can ride it straight from the mountains, onto the road and straight onto the beach without any trouble.

The Mototec is also extremely powerful with a set of two 800W motors giving it a total power output of 1600W. This means it can reach a top speed of 22 mph. It uses a 36V 14Ah battery that’s attached underneath the deck. This isn’t the sleekest design and it can sometimes become a bit of a hindrance if you’re going fast over lots of big bumps. But it does provide the skateboard with a maximum range of around 10 miles.

This beefy board is built incredibly well. It has a 12 layer maple deck that is very strong and durable. This and the big 10-inch air filled tires give it the ability to carry riders up to 260 lbs.

The Mototec is controlled using a wireless, handheld remote control with the variable throttle. This means you are always in control of how fast or slow you want to go and when you want to stop. It also is equipped with an integrated anti-lock braking system so you can stop safely.

Overall, this is without a doubt one of the best off-road electric skateboards on the market today. It has great performance, can handle any terrain with ease and will even double up as a great commuter skateboard. We would like to have seen a lower weight, it weights 71 lbs, but this is understandable. It even comes in well under our budget to the point where you could almost buy two of these for the $1000.

  Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Just behind the Boosted Board, the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard is one of the best known electric skateboards on the market today.

It’s an e-skateboard that’s built with a flexible wood core and the same fibreglass found in premium snowboards which gives this a lot of strength and reliability. It even included a full 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. The style is very nice, it’s simple but effective, combining a red and black colour scheme. It even has a pair of LEDs at the front to act as a headlight. A very nice feature if you find yourself riding at night.

The M1 has a max power output of 1600W which gives it a top speed of about 24 mph. It has a maximum range of around 7 miles which is a little low but it makes up for it with another nice little trick. It has a removable battery so when you run out you can easily switch it for another one. What this also means is that you never have to be without power. Whenever you’re riding just make sure you have another battery on charge and you’ll be good to go at any time. Not only this but the battery will fully charge in about 90 minutes. This is much faster than anything else we’ve tested so far.

Another feature that Inboard are pushing is the ability to update the board over time using their app. So it’s a bit like the Tesla of skateboards, except not quite as good.

Te M1 is also water resistant and is approved for air travel.

Overall, Inboard M1 is a great option. It’s fast, the batteries are designed very well and I love the ability to switch them out, despite a fairly low max range. The firmware updates feel a little gimmicky but we’ve not actually been able to test it before and after an update so that’s to be seen. But for an all-round great electric skateboard, the Inboard M1 is a good shout.

 Swagtron Swagboard Spectra 

One of the major features that the Swagboard Spectra is offering is a very interesting AI riding system. The board doesn’t have any handheld controls, it’s fully controlled by your body movements. The AI aspect means that there is an artificial intelligence system built into the board that will learn and adapt to the way you ride.

The Spectra doesn’t offer quite as good stats as some of the other boards, having a top speed of only 15 mph and a max range of 12 miles per charge. But it is only a mini board and therefore the battery isn’t a big as some of the other boards. It also features a regenerative braking system that helps to top up the battery every time you brake.

The board is also able to be controlled through a mobile app. This can control your speed, it can lock the board for you and you can even share photos and more.  On the app you can also choose between 1 of 3 modes. From a simple beginner mode to get you riding hands-free to a pro mode where you can really open it up.

This is one of the most interesting and innovative electric skateboards we’ve seen in a while. It has a bunch of great little features that really make it stand out. The riding style is unique and after a few rides becomes incredibly intuitive and a lot of fun! Whilst this does veer to the higher side of the budget for a low performance we think that the control system is worth the money by itself as it’s such a unique and fun way to ride.