February 27, 2019

Part I reviews the first 5 longboards under 1000 USD. If you still yet to find the right one, please read our second part where another 5 amazing boards are reviewed.


Boosted makes some of the best electric longboards in the biz, and the Mini is no exception. Despite the fact that it doesn’t boast quite as much battery life as its larger siblings, it makes up for that shortcoming with a myriad of awesome features. Our favourite? The deck. It’s got this lovely radial concave shape that provides a comfortable yet responsive platform for you to stand on, and this time Boosted even gave it a kicktail. This makes it much easier to whip the board around and perform tight turns when necessary. The Mini’s deck is also considerably shorter than that of previous Boosted boards, so it’s super easy to pick up and take on a bus/train/whatever.

This board also comes with Boosted’s top-notch control system and therefore provides extremely smooth acceleration/deceleration while you ride. On cheaper boards, acceleration and braking are either to fast and jarring or too mellow and sluggish — but Boosted boards strike a perfect balance. The Mini feels powerful yet controlled under your feet, allowing you to ride confidently no matter what your skill level. This board is absolutely ideal for commuters.
First, the shortening of the board does do a good deal for portability. My preferred way of holding the board by its front truck just hanging down alongside my leg, with past Boosted boards if you did this you’d either be dragging the board along the ground or you’d be hoisting it up in a way that gave you a little side abs workout. Holding this while walking around indoors feels a lot less like you’re cruising through the aisles with a surfboard under your arm, it’s just way more low-key and less of a hassle to travel with. It’s also got a nice new look with its sort-of-signature orange wheels now custom-made by Boosted.

Nevertheless, the Mini S is a dense little guy. If you were hoping for an electric skateboard you could pop an ollie on, the Boosted Mini S will throw you some challenges. At 15 pounds, it’s not exactly a beast, but a big weight reduction was not part of this shortboard transformation. The board is still certainly manageable but everyone who has picked mine up has been pretty surprised at how hefty it is.

That heft feels a lot more rigid on the Boosted Mini S if you’re familiar with the Boosted boards of the past. There is very minimal flex on this shortboard which is unsurprising if you ride regular skateboards but offers a pretty major alteration to how the ride feels. Whereas hopping up and down on a Boosted longboard involves the middle bowing in and out quite a bit, the undercarriage of the Mini S is basically one big battery so there’s not much room for flexibility which means that you definitely feel bumps along the way more.

This is both good and bad. I personally think it makes the board a lot of fun to ride. The rigidity teamed with the little kicktail on the back of the board can make for some added manoeuvrability that means hairpin turns are well within reach. This is pretty big because the turning radius was already tighter just by virtue of the wheels being closer together so the kicktail can free you up to do most tight manoeuvring as long as you aren’t maxing out throttle while doing so.

The Mini S is fairly frightening to ride at times, there’s something a bit more comforting about the extra length and flex of the longboards. The shortboard takes away the security of a suspension system and swaps it with the freedom of being able to easily hop up onto a small curb or turn out.

With a max speed of 18 mph, it’s become clear that fast feels faster on the Mini S. You get the speed modes of past iterations which should help you adjust your training wheels while you get moving gradually towards expert speeds. Your guide to this speed and mode-switching is still the little Boosted controller which gets the job done and offers a nice degree of precision for accelerating and breaking with the satisfying wheel control.

The seven-mile range on a single charge isn’t that great and you won’t even hit that if you’re maxing out the speed, but if you’re buying this for a short commute or just for some little jaunts around town, it’s a great ride — though you still might be in for an easier ride on one of the company’s lengthier boards.

With $250 separating the Mini S from the Mini X, a gray-wheeled version of the product that adds less than a couple of pounds but doubles the total range from 7 to 14 miles and increases max speed by a couple of miles, there might be enough there to offer a full endorsement of making an upgrade if you want to try out the electric shortboard life. 

Boosted has managed to fit an awful lot into a $749 package that has inherited most of its predecessors’ better qualities without gaining any fatal flaws. It’s a different beast and there are still plenty of people who should still be opting for a longboard, but the Mini S offers a degree of freedom and tightness that you won’t get from many of the other electric-powered things with wheels out there.

 Koowheel D3M 2nd Gen

Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation, also known as the Kooboard.
Owning a Koowheel will free you from the dreaded traffic of your daily commute, open up a world of fun cruising around your hometown and will allow you access to an awesome skate community.
It is a street electric skateboard, which means it is suitable for riding on the road and paved paths. It’s not really recommended to ride on dirt, sand, grass, gravel or other types of unsealed terrain. Although it physically can, you won’t get the best performance from it and it opens up the possibility of dirt and other nasty things to get lodged in the electronics causing you all sorts of problems. Best to stick to the concrete.
The Koowheel would be an ideal board for someone who hasn’t got any electric skateboarding experience, but has skated, surfed, snowboarded, wake boarded or done any other board sport before. It’s one of the better boards for beginners, yet still allows plenty of growing room once you find your feet and confidence on the board.
When you receive your soon-to-be beloved Koowheel, you’ll also be sent the remote, board charger, USB cable for charging the remote, t-tool, user manual and even an extra set of spare wheels.
The Best Features
When I was making the decision to buy my first electric skateboard, I didn’t really know what to look for in a board. It wasn’t until after I had been riding my electric skateboard for a while that I realised that having a board with a good range was really important. I always wished I could go that little bit further.
The Koowheel can travel up to 25 km (15.5 miles) on a single charge. That means you could ride from one end of NYC Central Park to the other, six times!
Against other electric skateboards on the market, this sits at the higher end of the scale and is definitely one of the highest for this price range.
Top Speed
Out of the box, the Koowheel has a top speed of 20 mph (32km/h), however, it has this cool little trick where you can unlock hidden top speed of 24 mph (40km/h)!
To unlock the hidden top speed, you first start with the board powered off. Then, press the power button 7 times quickly. The board will power on and the extra powerful top speed will be enabled. That’s pretty damn cool! The only thing is, you’ll have to do this every time you turn your board on in order to get the faster speed. Turning the board on normally will power board on with the limited speed.
I better let you know, that these speeds are really fast, especially when you're out in the open, standing on a plank of wood connected to four little rubber wheels. The opportunity for something to go wrong causing you to go flying onto the concrete is high. Please, always wear helmets and other protective items when you’re travelling fast. Personally, I always wear a helmet and wrist guards, when I plan to be riding for a long time or at high speeds.
Swappable Battery
Now, this is a nice touch. There’s not a lot of boards out there that offer an easy option for swapping out battery packs. This is one of my favourite things about Koowheel. Having the option to carry an extra battery pack allows you to take your rides even further!
When swapping the batteries over, all you need to do is loosen the two holding screws at the end of the casing, pull the battery out, slide in the new one and re-tighten the holding screws. This process takes no longer than 10 minutes. It’s almost too convenient…
Replaceable Hub Wheels
Having replaceable hub wheels is also a lifesaver. Wheels are usually the first thing to wear out on your skateboard. Especially if you ride it really hard and often. In the past, if your rear wheels wore out, you’d have to invest in buying not just the wheels, but brand new motors too, because the wheels were directly attached to the motors.
But not anymore!
Now you can simply unscrew the wheels from the motor, slide them off and replace them with fresh new treads! Koowheel has thought of nearly everything!
Concave Shaped Deck
If you’ve never ridden a skateboard or longboard before, you might not realise the importance of the shape of the deck. This includes all things from its length and width, the overall shape if you were looking at it from a birds-eye perspective, and the profile of the deck if you were looking at it from the front along the top of the deck.
When I say the board has a concave shape, it means that the edges along the side of the deck are raised slightly higher than the centre of the deck. Almost like a bowl.
This makes turning the board far easier than a flat board. Plus, if you’re into carving, these raised sides make carving a dream!

Halo Board

One of the first features you’ll notice when looking at the Halo Board 2 is the full carbon fibre design. It uses a Japanese T700 type carbon fibre that is one of the strongest yet lightest materials known. This gives it a very lightweight but also makes it very sturdy and durable. The Halo Board 2 comes in at a weight of 14 lbs, which, considering the size, is very reasonable. It’s also able to support riders up to 286 lbs.

The Halo Board 2 has a dual hub motor design. These hub motors give a total output of 3000 W of power, which is a lot! This is noticeably more than any other electric skateboard we’ve reviewed on our site to date. They are integrated into the hubs that are closest to the handles, with each motor controlling a wheel on either side of the board.

Included with most electric skateboards are remote controls to actually control the board. The Halo Board 2 has a very nice remote control. It has all the usual basic functions to control your direction and speed. But the feature we really like about the Halo Board 2’s remote control is that is has a small LCD display that shows a number of stats. It shows ride speed, board battery life, remote battery life and signal strength. A great set of simple features that really add something extra.

The handle on the board, at the top edge, is one of our favourite features. We found ourselves using it a lot more than we expected and think that a handle at the top makes a lot of sense. If I was carrying the board around, I’d put it under my arm, if I just needed to move it a little way or hold it whilst watching other people skate, then this was perfect!

On the safety front, the Halo Board comes with a certified LG fire-safe battery that’s carefully tucked underneath the deck.

Here are some features you might want to know:


The Halo Board comes equipped with Certified Firesafe Batteries for safe & reliable rides. Included in the box is your Halo Board 2, UL Charger, LCD Remote, & T-tool.


The Halo Board's body is made with 100% superlight, superstrong T700 Carbon Fiber.


Destroy hills that get in your way and speed up to 26 MPH  with 3000 Watts of power at your fingertips.


Go the distance with our Halo Regenerative Brake system that recharges your batteries as you brake.


Experience the lightest, full-powered, dual motored electric skateboard - The Halo Board weighs in at an unbelievable 14 lbs.


Get where you need to go - The Halo Board gets you a massive 14 miles of ride time per charge, no upgrade needed.


Halo Board's Torque Management acceleration algorithm ensures you always have a buttery smooth ride.


Dual in-wheel brushless hub motors power the Halo Board for a whisper-quiet, no-maintenance ride that you can still kick push when you run out of battery.


Stealth is the name of the game - The Halo Board hides all of its electronics inside its carbon fibre body for a slender design.


Digital display shows your ride speed, Board battery life, Remote battery life, and signal strength. With a press of a button, you can even go full speed in reverse.

LOU Board 3.0

With its 36V 3Ah battery pack lying flat inside of the Carbon fibre deck and its silent, efficient motors being incorporated into the wheels, the LOU is able to run as both an electric skateboard and a normal skateboard, meaning you can continue to ride it even after the battery has run flat.
Due to the LOU's incorporated technology, it also features IP54 Water Resistance meaning that the LOU can be ridden in the rain, without fear of damaging it.
Boasting a 20-25 km (12-15 miles) battery life, the LOU 3.0 was built with speed, range and reliability in mind. The Lithium-ion battery can be charged fully in up to 2 hours and reaches a top speed of 35 km/h (21 mph).
Controlled by a handheld remote that has several functions including speed settings and a reverse function, the LOU also comes with an App that allows riders to customize their speed settings and update their hardware. The board can also be customized with a variety of interchangeable deck plates!

 Magneto Revolution Electric Skateboard

Right off the bat, this electric skateboard looks different than the others. Fibre is the name of the game here. The base, the grip, the wheels and everything else looks thick and reinforced, like a tank. The Magneto Revolution is impressive looking.
Triple laminated to ensure optimal looks and performance, it sports two motors totalling 700 watts and reaches speeds up to 20mph. It weighs approximately 17 pounds. The board itself is not wide, but long. The wood of the board itself is not too thick but the electronics are spread out all over the underside. This balances the weight out.
I normally don’t like big wheels but Magneto managed to pull it off. There is something about this board that makes it feel very stable. Wobbly roads, down or uphill, it doesn’t matter. You always feel flat, centred and well-stabilized.
The grip is phenomenal. I tried riding this in my feet, socks and bare feet and I never felt like I was doing something wrong. Whatever this thing is made out of, it will keep you glued on the whole way through. It also has a long charge and will keep you going for 12 full miles, but the downside is that it takes a while to charge up fully.
Final Thoughts
Affordability: 3.5/5. $700 or so is an ideal range when deciding on purchasing a new electric board. Some might say anything else is too little to be reliable or too much to be worth it.
Reliability: 4/5. People of virtually any weight can ride on this thing. Due to its extreme gripping surface, you can be at ease when going up or down on certain angles
Durability: 5/5. It’s a bit on the heavy side, which means this thing is mega-hard to damage or rough up. The components are all of the very high quality: the metal casings, the screws, the laminated wood and the wheels. It feels incredibly smooth and balanced riding this thing.