April 13, 2019

Skateboarding is a really exhilarating activity. Sure, it’s an item of transportation, but the rush of adrenaline that is experienced with electric skateboards is second to none. Unlike its manual counterpart, electric skateboards offer a more exciting thrill to the sport and it is way faster than the manual will ever be. Now, there are a ton of electric skateboards in the market. Their difference in specifications and value makes the search somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, we’re highlighting 7 of the fastest electric skateboards you’ll come across this year. How fast? The fastest. You may need to buckle up for this.


Ownboard W1S Electric Skateboard 38” High Speed

This electric skateboard offers high stability to riders. Its design is sleek, its build is sturdy, and its wheel quality is of high value. The Ownboard W1S offers electric skateboard lovers a fine blend of speed, stability, and durability. It is not only waterproof but equally shockproof to shield your beloved electric skateboard from the effects of sudden stops or breaks. It has three battery capacity choices. These are the Samsung 4.0 AH, Samsung 6.0 AH, and the Sanyo for Tesla battery. These batteries affect the individual price of the electric skateboard.

Other features

  • It has a remote 3-speed modes which enable a smoother acceleration and braking.

The W1S also has:

  • An LED power display.
  • Ceramic bearings which makes it immune to dust.
  • Replaceable urethanes.
  • Regenerative braking for power saving purposes.

This electric skateboard is pocket friendly and offers a cheaper but still valued option at $397. It’s a great option at a less price.

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WowGo 2S Electric Skateboard 38” High Speed Longboard

This electric skateboard is sharing like features with the Ownboard W1S. The Wowgo 2S has an efficient design, and it guarantees its skater’s stability during rides. All its components are covered and protected, this increases its durability and lifespan. It is water, shock and dustproof. It is designed via an algorithm that is deeply optimized. .

Other features include

  • A wheel remote with an ergonomic design and PCB touch.
  • Upgraded bearings from a world class bearing brand.
  • Made from Canadian maple.
  • It has a strong battery life.
  • It can go 38km/h at full speed and 20km/h at slow mode.
  • Battery capacity could be 4.0 AH or 6.0AH.

This e-skateboard is unisex of course, but the men lean towards this because of its somewhat masculine build. It’s equally a less expensive option.

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 Teamgee H9 Electric Skateboard

Teamgee is another household electric skateboard brand. One distinct thing about this electric skateboard is its look. It is very pretty and has a very nice ultra-thin design. At 13lbs, it is very lightweight and portable. It possesses all the features of its competing electric skateboards without the extra weight. The Teamgee H9 is built with 2-speed modes and can cover 23km/h at full speed. This electric skateboard is for skaters with zero fear for going fast. Speed mode switching can be done via its button or a handheld remote controller.

The Teamgee H9 is perfect for the for both genders, but women cling to it because of its ease of use and portability. It can be carried pretty much anywhere.

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 Meepo V2 38” Electic Skateboard

This electric skateboard could either be powered by its own standard battery or the Tesla battery which adds 10km to its speed per hour. The Meepo V2 weighs 16lbs, possesses a regenerative braking system, 2 hours of charging time, 4 ride modes and a smart turn on feature. All you need to push the board and it automatically come soon. Its design is really practical, and it is made to move at a high speed of 29km/h. A lot of women use this e-skateboard because it guarantees a smooth and easy ride.

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Maxfind Max2 Single Drive 31” electric skateboard

This is one superfly electric skateboard. It makes use of 1000W motors and it fits the profile for fast electric skateboards. Its design is super practical, it maintains skater’s stability and its surface is somewhat rough but not potentially hazardous.

The Maxfind Max2 weighs 13.7lbs and can maintain a load of up to 264 pounds. It runs at a speed of 25km/h, charges in 2.5 hours, and has a regenerative breaking system. This electronic skateboard is great when covering large distances. This skateboard is a lifesaver for skaters who love to cover long distances, and even those with low budgets.

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Exway X1 Electric Skateboard

This is one of the best and fastest electronic skateboards you may ever get your hands on. This skateboard is a fusion of technology and longboarding. The Exway X1 is one of the most durable e-skateboards in the market. Its design is futuristic, its build is sturdy, and it weighs just 14 pounds. It charges in 2 hours, is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, and has 4 modes of usage. This is the Speed mode for beginners, energy saving mode, intermediate and advanced modes. This longboard is a little on the high side. At $888 and being as technology inclined as it is, mostly people who can afford it, purchase it. Beginners can find absolute joy in this beauty.

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Ownboard W1AS Electric Skateboard, 36.2”

This Ownboard model is somewhat like the W1S. The W1AS also has different battery capacity options, 3-speed modes, and a smooth acceleration/braking. This electric skateboard is fast and runs at a speed of 40km/h in its proficient mode. It possesses all the basic and other intermediate features of an electric skateboard, including 4 LED indicator lights, Ceramic bearings, and intelligent BMS. This e-skateboard has a warranty period of 90 days. The W1AS is usually purchased by beginner/intermediate skaters because it is easy to operate.

These are 7 of the fastest electric skateboards you can buy right now. Enjoy maximum speed, and efficiency like you never thought before and though their prices differ but they are all affordable. Go cop yours!

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