February 21, 2019

Minister of Transport wants to allow electric scooters and skateboards

E-scooters and hoverboards should soon be allowed to ride on cycle paths and roads throughout Germany. However, the approval could be revoked quickly.

On German roads, electric scooters and skateboards are to be allowed by the will of Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). "We want new ways of modern, environmental- friendly and clean mobility in our cities, e-scooters and hoverboards have enormous future potential," said the Ministry of Transport ZEIT ONLINE, thus confirming a report by the magazine Der Spiegel.

 The maximum speed of 20 KMpH.

Accordingly, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has authorized a release for small scooters and skateboards with electric motors. The ordinance should be forwarded to the Federal Council in the spring. E-scooters and skateboards should, therefore, be allowed on cycle paths or on the road, with a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour. Neither for e-scooter nor for electric boards according to the Federal Ministry of Transport, a helmet obligation or proof of a moped test certificate is provided. However, there is compulsory insurance.

Germany is the most important market for e-skater

For example, in the state of California, e-scooters are already registered. Germany is considered the most important market for e-scooters in the EU because there are many well-developed cycle paths. Several start-ups want to offer electric scooters in German cities. So far, that had failed because of the lack of regulation.

According to Spiegel, the regulation was delayed because officials at the Department of Transportation had reservations about the approval of electric boards. These are equipped neither with a handlebar nor with brakes. Scheuer overruled these objections "because he considers micro-mobility with scooters and boards to be necessary for modern traffic concepts in inner cities". However, the regulation contains a section which refers to board approval as a traffic attempt. This can be revoked quickly, should there be many accidents.