December 03, 2018

So there you are at a local skate shop or online in your underwear, puzzling through all the different long board deck shapes. Which pushes best?
Electric long boards and skateboards are a great way to get around and are crazy fun to use, too. Every time you go out on an electric long board, it transforms your ride into an adventure. But selecting the right product can be tricky.  We’ve done the research for you. Below are the ten best electric long boards for sale. But before you ride off, here are the specs you need to know when shopping.
Electric boards come in two types: long boards and skateboards. They both basically work the same with the main difference being electric long boards are longer, wider, and are geared towards cruising while electric skateboards are shorter, less wide, and are geared for tricks.
This is the measure of how strong the electric long board motor is. As a rule, the higher the wattage of the motor the more powerful the output. Something worth noting if you live somewhere with a lot of hills.
It’s the measure of the top speed of an electric long board or skateboard. Some boards have multiple settings for speed, so you can control how fast you want to go. Top speed will vary depending on the road conditions and the weight of the rider.
This is the measure of how far an electric long board or skateboard can go on a single charge of the batteries. This will change depending on the batteries you use, but this gives an approximation based on the standard battery for the board at full charge.
How long, how wide, and how tall the board is. An electric long board will usually be longer and wider. Depending on the wheels it can also be taller. Electric skateboards are shorter and less wide. Long boards and skateboards will be shaped differently too.
All electric long board and skateboard manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Warranties will only cover defects in construction or on the materials used. If such defects appear, they will repair or replace your board. If you wreck your board trying an awesome trick, it won’t be covered.