August 30, 2019

Electric skateboards have always been the succor giver for people seeking faster ways to get through congested roads and Maxfind Max4 electric skateboard appears all ready to make sure the desires of electric skateboard riders are met every day. Coming with incredible features and options more than its previous version to make electric skateboarding a wonderful experience you will always look forward to it.  

 Maxfind 4 Full Review

Now, when Maxfind Max4 electric skateboard is said to be determined in giving more qualities than the older version, wouldn’t you love to get a sneak peek into the mind-blowing benefits awaiting you? If your answer is positive, then let’s go…

  • Top speed and range.The new Maxfind Max4 electric skateboard has been designed to produce 40 km/h of great acceleration for easy and quick navigation through the road. Unlike other electric skateboards or its previous design, the electric skateboard comes with superior features and a powerful motor that gives super speed and great comfort riding. So, when you are constantly bugged with congested streets or major roads, Maxfind electric skateboards only need 25MPH maximum speed and 13-40 Miles maximum range to drive you the whole day.

 Maxfind 4 Full Review

  • Uphill 30%.One of the amazing possibilities of the Maxfind electric skateboard is its unbelievable ability to take you up the hill, sounds super right? yes! Its motor is made to give 8N.M maximum torque and 90% efficiency to enable a 30% climbing expertise up any hill and allows easy and fast movement through the urban streets, driving past cars and other motorists.

 Maxfind 4 Full Review

  • Detachable design and quick-swap One of the beauties this Maxfind version came with is the ease of battery changing while driving. All you need is a couple of 10 seconds to unscrew the battery lid, unplug the power cord and the charging cable to take out the battery and replace the new battery. The juiciest part of this is that the initial battery can stay on and drive for 20klm before calling for a replacement.

 Maxfind 4 Full Review

  • Removable battery packs.The board is all ready to give every user the best of ease possible and that is seen in the provision of an easy and quick battery compartment. This is necessary because the LG lithium-ion battery that the skateboard uses comes with the custom BMS 4.4Ah battery pack that must be fully recharged in two hours to take care of the 20 km/h driving through the metropolis. So, the role of the battery unit/compartment is to make room for the safe carriage of the new battery for recharging anywhere you go. This skateboard seems very promising in every detail of it, doesn’t it?

 Maxfind 4 Full Review


  • Dual hub motors.As good as a skateboard may be, ascending sloppy terrain used to be a little impossible but that is never a chance with the electric skateboard from Maxfind Max4. Because this skateboard has with it, dual hub motors and its powertrain is programmed to give 1500W power fit for easy climbing and taking the slopes like a child sliding candy bars into his/her mouth. To make sure nothing goes wrong when driving, the new feature of this dual-motor is carefully fixed to the motherboard to enable easy and safe replacement. So that in just 40km/h, the Maxfind electric skateboards proudly races through the busy roads.  


 Maxfind 4 Full Review

  • Removable tire design.It looks like the Maxfind skateboard has in store more value that you can’t help but wish it came out earlier. Most amazing is the removal tire design that has been put in place to make easy the replacement of tires when the need arises, and you don’t have to think so much about the wear of the tire. If you need the motor of the skateboard to perform goodly, the tires can be removed and allowed to cool as often as possible.

 Maxfind 4 Full Review

  • Waterproof motherboard. Maxfind electric skateboard meant every detail it professed as seen in this incredible making of a waterproof motherboard. This is to make sure nothing included rain gets in the way as you take the ride of your life with the Maxfind Max4 electric skateboard. The motherboard also gives you a lot of comforts while using it and you can drive safely on it through any road condition. You also don’t need to worry about shocks and dust as the motherboard comes with awesome rustproof and shockproof material making it a perfect match for difficult environments and all-weather conditions.


  • Newly widened truck to 270mm. In case you are having doubts about the truck of the electric skateboard and its flexibility, then you are free to drop your fears because the new version of the Maxfind electric skateboard carries a bigger truck. And the truck is not just widened to 270 mm but comes with 8 layers of maple inner layer and a carbon fiber coating to provide better stability and easy traversing through the streets.

The surface of the electric skateboard is made with a scratch-resistant material to give you a long-lasting skating experience and the arc surface is equally designed to give comfort when skateboarding. Your legs can’t get tire zipping through the urban street on the Maxfind electric skateboard and more so, the widened truck provides the user with a firm grip and better shock absorption than the previous version.



  • The Ergonomic and Bluetooth control.All the emphasis of smooth engaging of the roads is largely made possible by the hand-held remote-control system of the skateboard. For all-round effectiveness, the remote control is programmed with three ride modes for perfect use by anybody, even a first-timer will find it quite easy to master the art of skateboarding with the new electric skateboard. Once you have mounted the board, the remote control turns on the beginner mode making the skateboard to move gently and smoothly, and you can gradually increase the speed when you are comfortable and have the need to.

The remote is also programmed to give instant power along with an excellent smooth movement on the streets, so you have the freedom to decide how much speed you need to apply while navigating. The throttle control is where your thumb will find very friendly to increase the power as you need, and your safety is greatly considered with the inclusion of a perfect braking system all in your palms. All you need to give attention to is the perfect understanding of the remote-control buttons and their functions to make great use of the board.

 In your hands you will find the forward and reverse switch on the side of the remote after the throttle control, behind the reverse button is the power switch followed by the signal light that indicates at every command you make on the remote. You will also find the battery display spot that will let you know the situation around the battery of the remote, you have the variable speed display and lastly, the micro charging port for the battery.


 Maxfind 4 Full Review

Possible Cons of the Maxfind Electric Skateboard.

  • Without a doubt, the Maxfind max 4 series is one of the best products so far for skateboarding and the reviews about the electric skateboard have affirmed this but there are yet a few areas that give a little concern.
  • The tire.The material used in the making of the tire tends to wear and cracks easily due to over-usage or the tough terrain it traverses through most of the time. But the board was designed for effective movement through roads and all kinds of surfaces, so it will better a stronger rubber be used for its tires to ensure that users have an uninterrupted skateboarding experience.
  • The color of the skateboard.The dark grey and white color of the skateboard may have been chosen for better appeal and beauty in the eyes of the user at first impression. But the appeal may not last long once the skateboarding begins as the board is likely to get dirty soon enough, but then, the light non-scratch material of the board makes it easy to wash when dirty. So, with that, it’s quite easy to maintain your board and enjoy your ride.

Who is the Maxfind Max4 series Electric Skateboard made for?

  • If you are a lover of speed, strength, and accuracy on the skateboard, then the Maxfind electric skateboard must be yours because no other skateboard may be able to satisfy your yearning for super accelerating speed like the Maxfind boards.
  • When you have a long-distance to go and the roads are filled with too many cars, then its time you maximize the superior power your Maxfind electric skateboard has in store for your legs. With a gentle caress of the throttle control, nothing can ever get in your way of reaching that distance no matter how long it is.
  • If your body takes a little weight, don’t bother searching for any other skateboard because the Maxfind electric skateboard has been designed to cater for all kinds of body weight. Additionally, skateboarding also gives the user the opportunity of getting an all-round fitness because your whole body is engaged when skateboarding. So, if you consider yourself a little plus-sized, then this electric skateboard from Maxfind should be yours.
  • When you have fun on your mind. Driving with a car can be a little demanding and doesn’t give fun a chance at all, but if you are fun-digger and you have not gotten the Maxfind Max4 series yet then you are denying yourself the fun he/she sincerely deserves. The intimidating powerful accelerating performance of the electric skateboard was designed to make every skateboarding experience a moment to remember for a long time and to look forward to the next day.

 Maxfind 4 Full Review

The Maxfind Max4 series offers nothing but excellence, comfort, speed and great performance for all-round urban skateboarding. Though to make great and enjoyable use of the board, it is important to have complete knowledge of the amazing features, the new Maxfind series has to offer.