August 27, 2019

Skateboarding has existed as a sport before the invention of electric skateboards in the ’90s. The benefits of skateboarding have brought into perspective the use of electric skateboards as a personal transporter. However, there is an odd preference given to cars which have to do with comfort. Still, the sedentary lifestyle and other demerits associated with the use of cars provides the need for reconsidering available options. One of those options is electric skateboards among, and the prices for these devices range between a few hundred bucks and two thousand dollars. What are the reasons one might give before attempting to buy an electric skateboard? Are these reasons good enough to ditch a car? The benefits of electric skateboards allow us to understand the reasons that may call for users to show a preference for these devices over cars.



Electric skateboards give users the chance to save money they would have rather spent on buying petrol or charging in the case of an electric car. The use of electric skateboards can help you significantly cut your gas budget. There isn’t a need to leave the comfort of your home to charge your electric skateboards. Furthermore, the cost of electricity for charging your electric skateboard cannot be compared to the electricity fee incurred on the battery charge of an electric car. Spending money on fuel and charging the rechargeable may be a minor detail. However, it is well known that any mechanical structure will definitely fall prey to the menace of wear and tear. The fees spent changing faulty parts of skateboards is significantly lesser than the cost of replacing damaged automobile parts.



The need to get to meetings and appointments as soon as possible comes with a wish to avoid traffic, and automobiles are not ideal for this purpose. An electric skateboard gives its user an edge over the traffic situation; arriving at their destinations minutes before commuters who preferred automobiles.  The stress of paying for bus fares or the cost of petrol needed to drive a car will be less of a problem after a commuter acquires an electric skateboard. As long as you are not travelling through a distance that equals the height of Mount Everest, the electric skateboard is for you. Knowing fully well that traffic and urban areas go hand in hand, it will be unwise to take the bus to attend a meeting a few kilometres away. Hence, an electric skateboard is highly recommended to commute within a city to avoid the stress associated with traffic.



An electric skateboard is an ideal option for people who are conscious of the need to conserve the environment. Automobiles using petrol or diesel which release nearly a billion kilogram of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. Apparently, the ozone layer is depleting at an alarming rate which has to lead to the emergence of electric or hybrid vehicles. However, electric skateboards as a daily transport offer another option that guarantees a reduction in carbon footprint. These devices run on rechargeable Li-ion batteries which imply that smog and other air pollutants are less of a problem.



Commuting with an electric skateboard is widely considered as fun. You are not strapped to a seat and don’t have to wait for long hours in traffic like you would do when you are travelling in a car. Furthermore, the feeling of hovering in the air is enjoyable. Users do not need to push a skateboard to start its motion. There is more opportunity to enjoy the ride for a longer period, and there is a good possibility of a transfer of skills gained from the use of an electric skateboard to other fun activities such as surfing and snowboarding. Users are also allowed to assemble their electric skateboards. Consequently, users can customise and design their electric skateboards to suit their preferences and taste. Building an electric skateboard is a fun activity in itself. It is inexpensive to buy parts needed to build an electric skateboard which implies that assembling these devices is a cheap way to have fun. Both for the pleasure, mobility and durability of it, electric skateboards are worth to invest in.



Cars encourage a sedentary lifestyle which has a lot of negative health implications. On the other hand, physical activity is greatly embedded in skateboarding. Physical activity puts forth a good number of benefits which are greatly enjoyed by its participants. Commuting with the use of an electric skateboard bears certain health benefits which include:

  1. Improving Balance: Maintaining balance is one of the skills necessary to become a proficient skateboarder. As users learn to get on an electric skateboard or even take part in skateboarding activities, there is an improvement in balance. 
  2. Relieving Stress:Like all other activities which discourage a sedentary lifestyle, using an electric skateboard gets rid of stressors that put the human body in harm’s way. Conversely, driving in traffic will put a great deal of stress on the human body. The significant association between cars and sedentary lifestyle brings the effect of stress on the human body to light.
  3. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases: With skateboarding, there is a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Cars are not going to help you deal with these diseases. It will rather aggravate them since a sedentary lifestyle is strongly related to car transport.
  4. Preventing Depression: It is no news that there is a relationship between stress and depression. However, physical activities such as skateboarding help in reducing the incident risk of depression. It is a known fact that participants involved in physical activity including skateboarding have fun while engaging in it. Additionally, the fun derived from participating in these activities is enough to keep depression at bay and enjoy a sound state of mind.
  5. Improving Physical Endurance: Imagine having to use an electric skateboard at least three times daily. Apparently, skateboarders are not in a sitting position while commuting between places. Use of electric skateboards create muscular tension and so ensures that there is an improvement in the ability to carry out the physical activity for a longer duration.

The health benefits attributed to the use of electric skateboard are thrice as many as those attributed to using a car. There might be a bit of exaggeration in this line of thought since there isn’t enough concrete evidence to support the hypothesis that commuting between places with a car has any health benefit. Consequently, the association between sedentary lifestyle and cars is enough reason to ditch automobiles in favour of electric skateboards.



Not everyone has the luxury of learning or engaging in skateboarding. However, people who take part in skateboarding activities can develop their social skills. Despite its growing popularity, the use of electric skateboard isn't enmeshed in the culture of the general population. This is enough reason for skateboarders to form peer groups and cliques. There isn’t a society or association which brings together all car owners. Neither is there a pressure group that gathers millions of élite car owners under one umbrella. A car owner gets into his vehicle and drives off to his destination. He/she barely makes eye contact with people along the way. This may keep introverts from meeting new people and making friends among them.

With these six reasons listed above, have you prepared to get yourself an electric skateboard already? There are a vast variety of choices to choose from when considering to an electric skateboard and we have the best price on the market, check out