March 20, 2019

Safety tips for electric skateboard are necessary to know for those who love to push their boundaries every day and test their physical limits. Nowadays electric skateboards are highly popular among teens worldwide. Thousands of skateboards are selling every day to skateboarding enthusiasts from all around the world. Though falling down is common in any sports yet you can soften the blow and lessen the severity of pain and suffering if you follow some basic rules.

All sports come with the risk of the participate sustaining injuries, some are even life-threatening. Whether you are a race car driver or a football player, the risk is always front and centre in every type of sport.
Skateboarding is no exception to this rule. Electric skateboards have the ability to reach high speeds while continuing at a fast pace. Riders should always use caution and remain educated on ways to stay safe while enjoying the thrill that comes with riding an electric skateboard.    
 tend to be more cautious in their actions, taking extra steps to prevent carelessness. Those riders that make early preparations and utilize safety techniques minimize their risk of danger.  


Know that accidents do happen

Chances are sooner or later you will take a tumble while riding your electric skateboard. Most falls leave the rider with a few cuts, some scrapes, but mostly a wounded ego. However, if you are careless, you increase the odds of something bad happening to either yourself, another party, or both.

Skateboarders are always around moving vehicles and often other skaters. Assuming that you are the only skateboarder that will remain accident-free will put you in a vulnerable position, making you unaware of the dangers all around.         

The best approach before taking up the sport of skateboarding is to educate yourself on what proper safety equipment you should invest in and use every precaution to implement safety techniques. Accidents do happen, and with your best interest in mind, it is better to understand this in the beginning.

Make yourself aware of common mistakes other riders make and be aware of what to expect so that you can make safe choices while out on your electric skateboard. Just because you practice safe riding, doesn’t mean others will.

Know Your Surroundings

Knowing where you are and your immediate surroundings are your best tool in practicing safe skateboarding. Keep in mind- the speed that the new electric skateboards are capable of reaching are faster than they first appear. A mixture of high speed and parked cars are never a good combination.   

Riding your electric skateboard around traffic is always a high danger zone. It is important that you make yourself aware of the vehicles around you and that you obey traffic laws in the area.  Be especially aware of rocks, potholes, uneven ground, and sticks that may cause abrupt stops.

Scan the area for any debris that may hinder your ability to ride safely. If you are going to be riding in areas such as parks, sidewalks, streets, or where groups of people are, be sure no one is on the path you intend to travel.

Learn The Basics

Before you attempt to master advanced techniques on your electric skateboard, you should learn the fundamentals first. Practice in areas such as your driveway before taking off on a wider range that you are unfamiliar with the surface and the surroundings.   


The following are simple steps to learn before advancing to more challenging skills. These are the most important, “how to’s”:

  • Position your feet
  • Correctly stand
  • Kick push
  • Make turns
  • Apply brakes
  • Approach different terrains
  • Avoid breaks or skips in the pavement

skateboarding basics

Basic Safety Tips

Few safety tips for electric skateboard are here for you to maintain. See, what they are-

  • The first thing has to check the nuts and bolts of the board whether they installed in a tight and secure way.
  • Secondly, you need to see, are the off-road skateboard wheels on their designated place or not. They should be in their place but if they aren’t, fit them in their proper places.
  • Thirdly, make sure the bearing inside the wheels stays well lubricated. In this way, you can make sure a small amount of friction on the wheels. You should remember this precaution would bring less harm to you and to your skateboard that is incredible.
  • Fourthly, you need to check whether the surface of your board’s deck is smoother or not. Check carefully because if there remains a little bump or some uneven particles, it can bring danger, anytime.
  • Then you should check the tape you are using for grip is still working either well or not. If they won’t work changes them as early as possible.
  • In the end, you should examine the motor of the board by changing the gears to see the speed of the wheels does its job either perfectly or not.

You should seriously maintain these precautions every day before stepping out with your skateboard. Moreover, we can’t say this safety tips for electric skateboard are the 100% surety of your safety rather we say there are some more other tips for skating that can help you ride safely. You can follow them.

 Wear Your Helmet First

You can’t deny the fact that when riding any electric skateboard (slow or fast) the first thing you should keep in mind is safety. And when we talk about safety it is compulsory, to begin with, a helmet because our head is the prized possession that can only get one of those. Unlike the other body parts, the head is something can break and can repair easily. So you should try your best to put your head on the first priority above all else and the best way to do that with a helmet. However, skating is all about fun if can follow some basic safety tips for an electric skateboard.

 Wear Your Knee and Elbow Pads

As your brain is, secure now it’s time to move on to the joints. It’s important to know that having a knee or elbow injury can cause lifelong damage to nerves and ability to enjoy physical activity. It can also affect the overall quality of your life.

You can make it possible and protect yourself by getting high-quality knee and elbow pads specifically designed for skateboarding. One thing is important for the pads to stay in place so that they don’t slip if you fall. Different styles of skating pads are available at the local sports store or skate shop to fit with your personality.


Know About Your Limits

You are the only one who should know the limits of your new ride and be aware of your own.  In this regard, you should only ride at speeds at which you can stop by using normal skateboard techniques such as foot braking. Especially when kids try electric skateboards, they should be more careful. Before attempting any new techniques or tricks, you should know the fundamentals of it at first. It means that until you’ve never done a simple Ollie successfully, you shouldn’t be attempting to do a kickflip.

It often found in order to look; cool people tried different shots rather than learning the basics earlier. Not only this should you also get into the habit of falling down properly. It’s wrong to convince oneself that you won’t fall down that much, once you’ve skated for a while. Anyways, by not falling properly you are just inviting terrible injuries. In this case, the best way is to roll like a boulder, rather than bracing with hands, wrists or arms. Otherwise, you can also look for some instructional videos for an even better understanding.

This will help you to know about the basic parkour to see how weight distribution can prevent any major injuries. You should aware of regen energy overload, system errors and low torque at very high RPM are unavoidable and unforeseeable reasons that can lead to loss of braking. 

Don’t Leave Skateboard While Charging

Try not to leave the device charging unattended, especially overnight. Because of a faulty cut-off, switch or plug without a fuse could lead to it overheating, exploding or catching fire. With the nature of a skateboard it can abuse by bros, bang into stuff, smash into things at high speeds and all these cause the batteries susceptible to damage.

To tell you in detail it’s not because of the nature of a cheap battery actually it’s the nature of any lithium-ion battery for it happens. In particular, F wheels tend to provide much steadier and safer performance than others.

Don’t Push Yourself 

You are not in a race so that you have to pull off as many tricks as you can. Rather than this you should take it slow and enjoy the ride as much as you can. You might see many skaters popping all over the parks, performing a bunch of different tricks but it doesn’t mean that they learn this thing overnight. In fact, it’s being a long journey to take such moves and still for sure they are undergoing some moments of unexpected bails too.

Considering this fact if you feel like you’re falling down more than usual and think fatigue might be setting in, don’t push yourself. Even you do so and try to play through fatigue know that you are pushing yourself for a serious injury. In terms of safety tips for electric skateboard gaping wounds, broken bones are the most common injuries due to pushing down the tired feet, backs, and legs.

Be Aware of the Laws

Some laws should follow when skating on the road. The law says people can use non-motorized foot scooters on the roadway, but not skates, skateboards or motorized foot scooters. In this regard, skaters have to follow some safety rules and some equipment is mandatory to use. However, according to “Federal law does not permit or limit the riding of electric vehicles in the US, rather individual states govern riding laws. Some states require electric skateboards to follow bicycle laws whereas several states allow such vehicle operation on private property only. Besides some states outright, refuse sidewalk access to such vehicles. On opposite few states allow such electric skateboard vehicles access, local laws may prohibit these vehicles in cities, counties, or municipalities.”

You should brush up on your local laws and abide by them. If unfortunately, you fail to do so, it will put you or other drivers and pedestrians at risk of injury.

Know About Your Surroundings

Before you off to the road, you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. When you need to ride your electric skateboard near traffic, always pay attention to the cars around you. During this time try to make sure, you are following your local traffic laws correctly.

Another safety tip for an electric skateboard is while riding on the sidewalk, street, park or anywhere with a large crowd, be careful that you aren’t going to run into anyone. Many uncertain sticks, large rocks, potholes and uneven ground can abruptly stop your board and cause you to fall off. So you should watch ahead carefully for debris that’s in your way to avoid.

Wear Correct Shoes

You should remember a pair of perfect footwear is crucial to a successful electric skateboarding experience. With this in mind leave your heels at home and wear rubber-soled sneakers with solid ankle support. You can’t forget the fact that the only force keeping you attached to your electric skateboard is friction. For this reason, try to work with it, but not against it.

Bottom Line

Skateboards are now becoming the most comfortable and cool means of transport, especially in cities. People are also widely appreciating the concept of electric transport. These are easy to ride and don’t cost too much for gas or fuel expenses. It is advisable to all the skating enthusiasts to follow the laws and fundamentals. 

Know Your Limits and Don’t Push Them

Knowing your limits is hard for skateboard riders that are around more advanced skaters. The temptation is always there to want to try new things and push the limits. This way of thinking is a dangerous combination to the novice rider.

Know your limits and the limits of your electric skateboard. You should only attempt the speed that you feel comfortable with at the time. Be sure you can use proper stopping techniques at the speed you are riding.   

Master the throttle and braking

There is no set time that you should be comfortable with the throttle and brake system. However, being 100% comfortable with using these features is important before you attempt turns, jumps, or faster speeds. Let your body adapt to accelerating and slowing down while you get comfortable controlling your skateboard.  

Avoid Wet Surfaces

Your electric skateboard will treat you nice as long as you treat it nice and respect its restrictions. Wet surfaces are a no-no. There are no exceptions to this rule. Speed, wheels, and water are a triple threat.

Electric skateboards offer fun and excitement as long as you respect the rules, learn the proper way to operate and handle your board, and wear all necessary safety equipment. 

 We will be there at the beginning to get you started and stick by you for as long as you continue your skateboard journey. Get to know us as your team of specialist that are ready to get you up and riding on the right electric skateboard designed with you in mind.