April 24, 2019

This review will contain my first impressions, a comparison between a previous electric skateboard I’ve had and an after two-week review and summary of what I think about the product.

The Peak Board

First Impressions Of The Peak Electric Skateboard

This board is a very nice and sleek looking product and I was surprised by how nice it looks in person. What The Peak Board did with the design that is very unique is the orange stripe design along with the battery and the red looks very good on the grip tape of the board. When I first rode it I was very impressed by the advanced remote, it has settings that can be changed to suit your riding style; for example, the speed, brakes, and even wheel size can be changed just with the remote itself. The board comes with a owners manual, charger, extra screws and a skate tool which makes it very convenient to adjust your trucks when needed.

The Peak Board board is very fast with an astounding speed reached of 46 km/hr when the advertised speed is only 40. The trucks needed to be adjusted when I started riding it but that is because of most electric skateboards ship with tight trucks. This was a very great board when I started riding it and I was very pleased with it.

Comparison between Jetson Board and ThePeak Board

I have owned a Jetson longboard before that is the same price than The Peak Board but there are a few differences that people may or may not like in an electric skateboard. Firstly, Jetson uses hub motors for their boards which may not be a bad thing for some people but I prefer a belt driven board for the simple reason that it takes off faster than a hub motor board. Secondly, Jetson board has little to no flex but The Peak Board has a little more flex that can help with bumps on the terrain you are on. The specs of both the boards are similar with the same speed of 40 km/hr but The Peak Board board has fibreglass and bamboo as the deck while Jetson doesn’t specify the type of wood but I think it’s Canadian Maple. The range on the Jetson is specified to be up to 25 miles but I’ve never been able to ride that far with it and The Peak Board range is 25 km which is the same range that I had when I was riding it. One thing that I love about The Peak Board is the different modes you can set it in like the different brake modes and speed modes, the brake modes change how powerful the stopping is and I usually have mine on the highest brake mode so I can stop quicker which really suits me. The Jetson board has 3-speed modes and so does The Peak Board but you can change the speed mode while the board is moving if you’re on the Jetson which is very unsafe in my opinion while for The Peak Board you have to be completely stopped for the board to change speeds.

The winner of the competition will be decided by the number of categories it’s better in.

The Peak Board

The Peak Board Safety:

The Peak Board wins this competition because you can’t switch speed modes while moving when you’re on The Peak Board and it has very strong brakes in case of emergencies and you can slowly ease into the brakes so you don’t fly off.


While both of the boards are heavy and very hard to carry for long periods of time, The Peak Board wins this category as well. Jetsons longboard is slightly heavier and bulkier due to the large battery and deck and it is really hard to kick push the Jetson while with The Peak Board it is very easy to kick push. The Peak Board comes with a skate tool that is very handy when it comes to adjusting anything on your board and it also comes with extra screws but the Jetson comes with nothing except the board, charger and remote. I would say The Peak Board wins in this category as well.

The Peak Board

The Peak Board Range:


With the Jetson advertising that it can have a range up to 25 miles, I can’t say that it stands up to what it says but overall the range on it is better than The Peak Board. With The Peak Board I couldn’t nearly get as far as I did on my jetson especially at high speeds, the Jetson could get me to high distances while The Peak Board would lose most of its battery halfway there. Jetson wins in this category.

The Peak Board

The Peak Board Remote:

The remote is one of the most important parts of an electric skateboard. The remote controls the throttle, brakes and depending on the features it can control a lot of other things. Jetson’s remote is terrible compared to The Peak Board because it is way too touchy and finicky, one of the buttons on the remote even fell off right out of the box. The Peak Board has a very sleek remote with a scroll wheel design for throttle and braking and it also has a screen on the controller that shows the speed, controller battery and the boards battery. The Jetson has somewhat of the same design with a scroll wheel on the controller and a button on the side to change speed modes, it also has a LED indicator on the side to show the battery but nothing to show the actual battery of the board. The remote is very bad due to the fact that the brakes and throttle are touchy and one of the buttons broke out of the box. The Peak Board wins in this category.


The Peak Board



I have to say that if you were to choose between the two I would go for The Peak Board because I’ve had a way better experience with this board than the Jetson. I feel a lot more confident on The Peak Board than any other board and I feel safe enough to go top speed while on the Jetson I was scared to go top speed. The battery might not be the greatest on The Peak Board but since it won every other category like having a better remote, convenience and safety. I would say that this is not just a good investment for people with fewer finances looking for a good electric skateboard but also a good competitor to companies like Boosted and Evolve.

The Peak Board

Summary after two weeks

After two weeks I have experienced the battery has decreased in its charge capacity and doesn’t run as long as before but it’s not as bad to make it a dealbreaker. The board won the competition between the Jetson and I am not surprised because of the different pros like the looks, speed and range but it does have some but a very little amount of cons like the decrease in range over time. The Peak Board Still goes the same speed as before and is great for reasonable distances. The board still runs great and this would be a good investment if you’re looking for a good method of transportation or if you’re just looking for some fun but don’t want to spend the high price for a Boosted or Evolve. The Peak Board is a great board and company and I am very excited to see what they have coming in the future.

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