December 13, 2018

t is important to regularly maintenance your electric skateboard. This increases the quality and lifespan of the parts. Here you can find all the information and tips about maintaining your electric skateboard.



It is important to clean your electric skateboard after each ride. Clean the electric skateboard with a slightly damp cloth and prevent any water or dirt entering the electronic components. After this, wipe the board with a dry cloth.



It is important to regularly maintain your bearings. You can do this with the special maintenance oil "Skanunu Bearing Cleaner & Lube". This oil is specially developed for maintenance of the bearings and ensures that your bearings last a long time.

Ensure that no water gets into the bearings of the wheels. This can cause that the bearings become defective and need to be replaced. When the bearings are damaged by water, you will hear a scraping noise from the bearings of the wheels.



Make sure you connect the charger first to the electric skateboard and then plug it into the wall socket. Unplug the charger when the battery is fully charged. It is important to charge the battery at least once a month if you don't use the electric skateboard for a while.



Make sure that no water gets into the engines while cleaning the wheels/motors. It is important to prevent water, sand or stones entering the engines. Replace the wheels when the profile is less than 5mm thick. New wheels are available in our shop. Keep the tire pressure of the Evolve All-Terrain set-up between 35 psi and 50 psi.



It is important to regularly check and adjust the bolts and screws. This is important because a lot of vibrations are released while driving. With a T-tool you can check, tighten and adjust the most important bolts (trucks & wheels).

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