November 30, 2018

 E-Skateboarding is one of the most cost effective and interesting ways to commute around your neighborhood. Whether you are skating to meet some friends or to work, it is such a great feeling to be outside gliding on 4 wheels. The only downfall to riding a traditional skateboard is that there are some days when you would rather just casually ride along and not have to constantly kick. Introducing electric skateboard, the kind of skateboard that just flies on its own. Engineers have designed electric skateboards to be just as intuitive to control as a traditional longboards, but with a lot more fun! The board’s speed and brakes are controlled by a remote held in your hand. What this means for skateboarders is that maintaining a consistent speed skating between destinations has never been easier.

So what is the best electric skateboard for you? For skateboarders who are looking for something more extreme there’s the Evolve Carbon Street, which has an all-terrain set of wheels for off-roading and steep hills. If electric skateboarding is the type of transportation that appeals to you then there are a lot of specifications and features that you have to be aware of before selecting the best electric skateboard. Just like buying a car, an electric skateboard has it’s pros and cons at different price points. Finding the best electric skateboard that fits your lifestyle can be a real challenge. At here we will make your electric longboard purchase process much easier with in-depth skateboard comparisons and analysis. Due to the rising popularity of electric longboards, there are many models to choose from.  Our electric skateboard reviews will cover a variety of features and specifications ranging from the models that have a week long battery life to the boards that can reach up to 20/mph. After reading through these electric skateboard reviews you can find the best electric skateboard.