November 30, 2018

What is electric skateboard

Electric Skateboard is a traditional skateboard plus an electric kit. At present, the electric skateboard is generally divided into two driving modes: two-wheel drive and single-wheel drive.

The main control mode of the electric skateboard is wireless remote control over acceleration and braking. The wireless connection mode with the skateboard host computer is 2.4 Ghz Wireless Connection and Bluetooth connection.

The way to control skateboard turning is the same as that of the traditional skateboard. Turning the skateboard by balancing the human force and balanced transfer.

History of electric skateboard

Gasoline-powered motor-boards went on sale in the summer of 1975, but were banned in California in 1997 for noise and pollution problems.

Modern electric skateboard is thought to be invented by Louie Finkle from Seal Beach, Calif. , whose first unplugged cable-free skateboard was launched in 1997 and patented in 1999. However, it was not until 2004-2006 that electric motors and battery technology had enough torque to effectively drive the skateboard.

Not until 2015 in the United States, Europe, and Australia has electric skateboard become gradually popular. In 2018 ,there has appeared on the market more than dozens of electric skateboard brands. More electric skateboarders and electric skateboard brands are expected in the future.

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