February 12, 2019

Right after Meepo set the budget electric skateboard market on fire, one company jumped in almost immediately to offer an alternative. In the rough early days, Wowgo had been looked down upon as a mere imitator of Meepo, but the company endured and with time, established itself as not only a good alternative to Meepo, but to many, a superior option to the OG Meepo.

Introduction of Wowgo

Wowgo came onto the scene right after the meteoric rise of MeepoBoard, a company which is also their geographical neighbour in Shenzhen.
Initially, there was a lot of animosity between the two company, as both were trying to capture the lucrative budget market.
This led to the Chinese electric skateboard arms race, with both companies having very short iteration cycles of upgrades, constantly fighting to be crowned the best budget electric skateboard.
Finally, after 3 iterations, Wowgo ultimately hit a home run with the Wowgo 2s, which even inspired a series of copycats of its own.
It was considered to be the best Chinese budget board for a very long time, some say it still is.
The Wowgo 2s has a pretty standard spec for boards in its segment:
  • Top Speed: 23.5mph (38kmh)
  • Range: 12mil (18.5km)
  • Weight: 16.7lbs (7.6kg)
  • Charge Time: 3 Hours
  • Features: Regenerative Braking, Swappable PU Sleeves (option available).
  • Price: around $419.99 USD (after delivery fee).

Build Quality
The Wowgo 2s came in a single box (not double boxed), but with a generous amount of padding put underneath the board.
Inside the box, everything was placed neatly and the foam padding was also cut out nicely. One of the better packaging jobs that I’ve seen from the Chinese budget brands.
The other things in the box were the tail lights, name cards, wall hanger, charger, remote, skate tool and extra foam pad for deck swaps – pretty standard for a Chinese budget brand.


The Wowgo 2s use an 8-ply maple deck that is flat with no concave.
There is some camber to the deck and with that a little bit of flex.
Personally, I prefer a deck with more flex and concave.
I guess that’s why Wowgo makes it so easy to deck swap!
The best part of the Wowgo deck is the ‘two-texture’ grip tape. The grip tape on the back-end of the board is rougher, thicker and it not only feels nice to step on but also helps to cushion against vibrations coming from the rigid back hub wheels.
(The old deck of the Wowgo 2 had a single layer of bamboo with 7 layers of maple, which gave more flex but was prone to breaking. I personally wish they would have kept the old deck cause god knows the new deck could use a little bit more flex)
Component Enclosures and ESC
The Wowgo 2s started the trend of using metal enclosures after seeing many plastic enclosures break.
The "two-enclosure" set up allows the deck to have more flex without damaging the components. Something I wish the Wowgo 2s deck took more advantage of by offering a flex deck.
Inside the enclosure, the Wowgo 2s is using the HobbyWing Electronic Speed Controller that has become much more common now.
Fun Fact: The Wowgo 2s is the board that made the HobbyWing Electronic Speed Controller famous, which is now found with Onboard, Verrell, Backfire G2s and Harvoo boards.


The Wowgo 2s uses 90mm wheels, which is the norm now.
90mm wheels will get you over most bumps and allow for riding on less-than-perfect roads.
You get to choose if you want the swappable PU on the hub motor or non-swappable.
My review unit had the non-swappable Pu sleeves and, to many, they are actually preferable as swappable PU sleeves can be more trouble than they are worth – considering vendors who use PU replaceable hubs often face issues like weird noises or screws popping off.
The 250w hub motors that the Wowgo 2s uses in the non-swappable PU version are the most common generic hubs we see from the Chinese market. Unlike most brands that started to put some graphic make up on their hubs, Wowgo has elected to keep its hubs plain.
They are known to work well so I have no complaints there.
The wheels come with generic Chinese bearings, not the best quality, but that is not the most important thing when you are not kick-pushing.


The Wowgo 2s uses a popular generic truck, which is a common choice among Chinese budget boards.
Nothing exciting about this pair of trucks really. They turn okay and are fairly stable.
At least they are not known to break.
The soft green stock bushing that comes with the Wowgo 2s are pretty good.
Bushing upgrade will always improve the ride quality but I wouldn’t say the 2s is in dire need of them.


The Wowgo 2S uses the standard Hobbywing remote that many many other Chinese skate companies share. It has been tried and true as a great remote.
It’s ergonomic and fits nicely in the hand.
The dial is springy with a good amount of resistance for better control and it has a reasonable amount of travel.
It is a simple remote without many bells and whistles and of course, no disconnection issues so far.


Build Quality

The Wowgo 2s is one of the more polished boards in the budget market.
From the unboxing experience to the polish of the board, the Wowgo 2s gets good marks.
I would expect as much from a brand that has been in the space since the beginning of the budget board craze.
Riding Experience:
Acceleration and Deceleration
There are 3 ride modes:
Slow mode with a top speed of 12.5mph/20kmh
Middle mode with a top speed of 18.5mph/ 30kmh
Fast mode with a top speed of 23.5mph/ 38kmh
There are two very widely used Electronic Speed Controllers available in the Chinese skate market.
The one used by Wowgo, Ownboard, and Verreal is the HobbyWing ESC.
The one used by Meepo V2P and the Yeeplay is the ‘LingYi’ ESC.
Wowgo 2s made the HobbyWing ESC famous, and with good reason.
HobbyWing’s ESC is known to be one of the smoothest available. Some say even smoother than the Boosted ESC.
This electric speed controller gives the Wowgo 2s very precise, low latency, and consistent control, which makes for a comfortable ride.
The precision and lack of lag are what makes HobbyWing ESC special.
You can have the board accelerate as fast as you want or as gentle as you want by controlling the throttle. The board will react instantly and precisely.
This also allows more confident speed change when riding near the top speed.

However, if you are an absolute beginner that has poor throttle control, you might be very intimidated by this type of zippy control when starting out. As your thumb is the only thing stopping your board from zipping off, nothing is going to stop you from pushing down too hard on the throttle and falling.
This is because, by the virtue of no lag and precise control, this ESC doesn’t introduce speed ramping to smooth out speed change.
Don't worry, the majority of A skaters end up preferring this type of control in the long run, it just takes some getting used to.
Braking on the Hobbywing ESC is one of the smoothest on the market, with the caveat of possibly being too weak for some as it can’t brake to a stop when going down an incline.
Generally speaking, most skaters prefer this kind of smooth gentle braking but it’s a ‘bummer’ when you really need an emergency stop. I recommend all skaters learn to footbrake in order to not rely solely on electronic braking.


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