May 03, 2019

Meepo set the budget electric skateboard market on fire, one company jumped in almost immediately to offer an alternative. Here is  Wowgo 3 review The Wowgo 3 is far the most advanced technological board the company has ever made. As we’ve come to expect, Wowgo has released these boards with fantastic specs at an unbelievable price.

ESkateboardPark Wowgo3 electric skateboard


With the world-renowned Paris truck, you can enjoy the comfortable carving and it’s also stable when you ride it at high speed. Another addition to this board is the Paris V2 trucks. Having these attached to the board will ensure much better and easier carving giving you a more enjoyable ride. Also, it will Feel a lot more stable at high speeds. Because of the design and construction of the bushings, the trucks have a great return to the centre. What I mean by this is when you’re completing a carve, the board will want to pop back, making it easier to return to its neutral position. The board will feel more nimble and agile as a result of the Paris V2 trucks.

ESkateboardPark Wowgo3 electric skateboard


The world-renowned Zealous bearing with high precision, high quality, low resistance and no noise enables you to get an extra range and enjoy the quiet riding. After riding for some time, it’s could spin for 40 seconds without load, far more than 10-20 seconds of ordinary bearings. wowgo 3 electric skateboard




Wowgo 3 uses the unique 90*62mm 78A eccentric wheel, the wheel is softer and wear-resistant, The unique eccentric structure design and wider wheel width provide you with better shock absorption and more stable riding experience. The wheels are an improvement I’m glad to see on the Wowgo 3. Now measuring 90mm will give you a smooth ride, As the larger wheel size will find it easier to deal with bumps and cracks But you will inevitably find on every trip.

The width is also more significant in comparison to other Wowgo Boards, measuring 62mm & with the 78A Soft PU, You get much better shock exorbitant and grip.

By having wider wheels, you will feel a lot more stable but higher speeds.

With also reflective lettering on the side of the wheels doesn’t add anything in terms of performance to this electric skateboard But just thought I tell you it’s there anyway.

Zealous bearing also makes a return from the 2S. They’re quiet, Have low resistance and performance with the range.

eskateboardpark wowgo 3


● New unique turbo mode, fast accelerate to 39km/h top speed, Max Power increase up to 55% on turbo mode
● Water & Dust Resistance

The WowGo 3 has a SIGNIFICANTLY improved turbo ESC (The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at much higher current) which allows you to get larger torque and faster acceleration when you switch to the Turbo(T) mode, it provides extra 55% max power and more torque. Speed Mode: 
1 Slow mode:   20km/h  
2 Normal mode: 30km/h  
3 Fast mode:   39km/h  
4.Turbo mode:  39km/h

With the improved ESC, we now find a new speed mode called “turbo”. Because of the significant improvements with the hardware of the board Wowgo have now introduced this new speed mode which will give you more torque and faster acceleration.

The enhanced ESC is another reason why you can also have an LCD display on the remote. wowgo 3


WowGo 3 use all Bamboo plus fibreglass deck which is more flexible and stronger. You won’t need to worry about the deck break. It will provide you with a more comfortable riding experience and better shock absorbing.

Wowgo Have also made some improvements here, now featuring a bamboo and fibreglass deck. With this composite makeup, it’s strong but also flexible giving you a smooth ride without the fear of the neck breaking.

The deck is an integral part of the overall ride of the board which a lot of people tend to forget. And having a deck which will allow for a smooth ride is what every rider would want.

With the max weight of 150kg, The deck can handle a lot more weight than what is recommended to the board which is 120kg.

● Supreme elastic, comfortable to ride
● Very strong, it won’t break even if you jump on it
● Material: Bamboo+Fiber Glass Deck  
● Max load: 280 pounds (150 kg), Recommending riding weight is 264 pounds(120 kg) and below
● Wowgo new grip tape on the deck top, and new design on the deck bottom

eskateboardpark wowgo3


The remote which came with the 2S Was highly praised and considered one of the best remotes which came with a budget electric skateboard. It was intuitive, responsive and easy to use.

Now with the addition of an LCD display panel. It gives you information about the battery, which speed mode you’re currently in, trip & tonal range.

This is a massive improvement in my books compared to the old LED remote. It’s a lot safer as you can quickly glance to see all the information you need about the Wowgo 3.

Without having to run through a series of blinking LED lights which was the main issue with the old remote control.

Smart LED Remote

● Wheel Control, more comfortable
● Smart LED Display: Power on a logo, board & battery power, Speed, Speed Gear, direction, Trip, Total Range
● All in one button, User-friendly
● Nice feel material made
● Simple and Ergonomic design
● Charging time: 0.5 hours
● Type: 2.4G RF Technology

Top Speed

With a slight speed increase compared to the Wowgo 2s. The increase in speed could probably be put down to the size increase in the wheels. I’ll go into this in further details in the section of the wheel of this review.

The Top speed is 39km/h (24mph).

I would say this was around average in terms of Top Speed, but it’s always worth remembering it’s quicker than the Boosted Board which is around double the price.


Wowgo has changed things up here in comparison to their other boards like the Wowgo Mini & Wowgo KTand only offer one battery size. The Battery option is the Samsung 30Q.

With a range of 12-14 miles, this is right in line with the other boards around the same price point, like the Backfire G2T & the Meepo NLS.

With the addition of the Samsung 30Q, It does come with an upgraded performance as you won’t suffer the same battery sag when you’re nearing the end of the batteries charge. It’s very noticeable with the Wowgo 2S.

It’s now easier than ever to swap the battery, with Wowgo Also providing the tools in the box to do this. It takes around 2 to 3 minutes to swap the battery, Not the quickest but undoubtedly manageable if you’re going to carry an extra battery to increase your range.

eskateboardpark wowgo 3

New Design

Nearly every aspect from the grip tape to the design on the underside of the board and the colour of the wheels are almost identical to Boosted.

It comes in 2 different colours for you to choose from, Black & Orange.

You don’t have to be around electric skateboarding long to realize that the Wowgo 3 does look awfully similar to the Boosted Board. Many people will dislike this, As Wowgo has been around for a while now and can start making an identity for themselves.


New Design Case:

● Completely New Wowgo design case
● Smaller in size, make the board look more simple and decent
● Effective structure design for ESC cooling
● Material: Plastic, but very strong

eskateboardpark wowgo 3

       Powerful Samsung 30Q Battery

      ● We adopted the Powerful Samsung Battery which is 1.5 times discharging rate than Samsung 22P cells, it allows you to maintain high speeds, even as your battery is running low.
      ● Capacity: 6Ah
      ● Max discharging: 30A
      ● The battery can be replaced easily with the tools we provided.

      As you can see from the pictures, they do look very much like the Boosted Plus & the Boosted Mini. But I think the boards look great.

      The underside of the board has also had a redesign, with the housing for the ESC & battery now taking on more of a pebble shape. The advantages of this redesign are being treated with essential waterproofing on the inside & out.

      Be careful with this terminology, as I would not recommend riding in the wet, as not only is it incredibly dangerous. Water can still get in via the power button & charging port.

      But the board should be fine if you do get caught in a downpour.