IWONDER SK-E2D Electric Skateboard

  • BUILT-IN SAFETY LIGHTS - Our built-in LED lights make our riders highly visible to traffic, pedestrians, and even at night! your night ride would be such eye-catching and safe. Integrated front,tail,side lights,good for the night riders! High Powered LED's make for the brightest cruising experience.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The skateboard is super fast, has a 25Mph top speed and 25% grade hill climbing.Remote control with 2 riding modes makes it safe and easy to ride even with zero experience; You can easily take your cruise at a low speed; when you get used to it, the higher speed under expert mode could take you further.
  • 800W*2 BRUSHLESS HUB MOTOR - Dual hub motors are more reliable and less problematic. Our hub motors give the board an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the overall design. Hub-motors are much quieter than belt driven motors.
  • BATTERY PERFORMANCE - 6.6Ah LG18650 large capacity lithium battery guarantee the ultra long cruise of 15 Mile. Featured with the USB charging function, you can recharge your electronic equipment anytime and anywhere.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - It is equipped with 2.4G Hz wireless remote control to allow you to switch taxiing speed freely. You can freely operate all functions like Forward, Reverse, Safety Lock with the remote controller which has strong stability. Professional brake systems make driving more easily controlled.
    • Size 36''
    • Dimension 912*254*126mm
    • Wheelbase 7inch
    • Power 500w*2
    • Top Speed 40km/h
    • Drive Type Hub motor
    • Speed Mode "Beginner20km/h
    • High spee40km/h"
    • Uphill 25%
    • Weight 6.8kg
    • Deck 9 layers maple
    • Max load 100kg
    • Battery Samsung 6.6Ah
    • Range 28km
    • Charging Time 5
    • Front Wheels 83*52mm,78A
    • Drive Wheels 83*52mm,78A
    • Warranty 12 months for board,6 months for battery
    • Remote Function Battery indicator
    • Remote Control Push rod control
    • Waterproof IP64
    • Trucks Normal
    • ESC wave control
    • Ground Clearance 8cm
    • Bushing PU 95A
    • Bearing Normal
    • Intellengent BMS Overheat protection, short circuit protection, low battery reminder, automatic sleep
    • Skateboard,
    • remote control,
    • charger
    • T-tool
    •  product manual

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