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Awesome board 11/10

This thing is insane. Probably the best money I've ever spent. I can't imagine life without it anymore. Sucks to walk.

Un super Eskate

fonctionne vraiment bien et reçu en 16 jours ouvrables.

These guys are Scammers

Don't buy from here, I tried to leave 1 star but they don't allow it. The comment doesn't show up. Scummy people. Buy elsewhere, they rip you off

Great board

Buy from here, great company

Tracking is trash

Been waiting a couple weeks board still hasn't been sent. Don't buy here

Awesome Board

100% would buy again

WowGo 2S Electric Skateboard 38" High Speed | Long Board

Great but one thing

You didn’t really give any explanations how to use the board and you don’t give explanations of the difference between the two types of remotes

Good board and great customer service

i have received the item fast and properly, im always getting updates from eskabebordpark regarding shipping. i really enjoyed the board. im very thankful to Ms. Gillian for very accommodating. I will refer your company to my friends

Board defects

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the board, everything was fine until I noticed a problem with the front truck's bushing. The bushings were ripped and as I keep riding, the bushing would rip even more. Now the front bushing is completely torn, causing the truck's to be too loose. I find that with the trucks too loose it could be dangerous to go at higher speeds. I suggest to improve on the handling as the box came a bit damaged. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the performance and quality of the board.

WowGo 2S Electric Skateboard 38" High Speed | Long Board


Nothing to complain about. Only thing is that I probably should have bought the ER version even though the normal battery gets you very far.

Very happy with my order

WowGo 2S Electric Skateboard 38" High Speed | Long Board

Meepo V3

Great product exactly what I paid for and fun to use especially for a beginner like myself would by more future product from this company.

Reclaiming Youth

Hi this is Brian 53 I got one 4 me n 1 4 my son still being surprised by meepo board no one around here has even seen 1 Honestly I think it's the most fun u can have with ur clothes on !!!

My thoughts

I need a long board to get me places instead of taking the transit. And this board is by far the best investment I’ve made thus far. Seriously, I legit thought that something was gunna go wrong. (Whether it was fraud or i wouldn’t get it, or something.) but everything went perfectly. Maybe the shipping was a tad late, but that’s what you get when you get free shipping. I love this board and will continue to use it always.

P.S. I find the board extremely heavy and hard to carry everywhere if in a store or what not. Other than that. I’d say this is a really good board.

This board is top!

No problem

Get your ownboard!!!

A great board! I would buy more but i dont need another one. 👍

Extremely Happy

This is an incredible board... I have absolutely no complain...🔥🔥🔥


Fun. Can explore terrain above my skill level. Sort of life changing