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So fun!!

Ownboard C1S Electric Skateboard

So fun!!

Ownboard C1S Electric Skateboard

Five Stars


I haven't ridden a board in 25 years. I thought I would play it safe and get a long board. I wanted electric to get around. I had read reviews on the single hub on hill climbing and decided to take the plunge. This thing climbs hills like crazy. My first piece of advice is to tighten the hubs when you get it. They are way to loose. I couldn't ride it at all until I did that. People recommend getting a skateboard tool but all you need is a cheap rachet set. I set mine to where they are a little tight but do have play in them.
Great Board and Customer Service

Receiving the Meepo V2 was a great investment for travel. The board is absolutely beautiful and perfect size. The service was helpful when I had questions on shipment. I highly recommend this board to anyone who is on a budget. 5 star electric board 👌🏻


This thing is great! But nothing is perfect so here are my complaints... Remote is very light and is full of scratches already, bearings on front wheels are not very high quality, braking is meh and grip tape is not very stuck on... But other than that I HIGHLY recommend this board, it has very good acceleration and the remote connects instantly! the top speed is fast enough for probably everybody, updated logo looks great and the deck has probably the perfect flex.


Sehr geiles Board, allerdings vermute ich, dass diese Seite nicht echt ist, daher schreibe ich diese Bewertung.

Love it!

The board looks absolutely amazing.

The top of the line

I mostly ride boards with one button controllers, where you simply push a lever or wheel to accelerate.

Amazing product

The meepo v2 is Nice board!

Awsome !

Super satisfied! The one I bought before is broken! And the price is still very expensive! This is cheaper than that! The quality is much better!

My first meepo board

My city is based around a university so there are plenty of ways to get around on a board.

12/02/2019 13:12 tt
Worth it

I really like this board, fun to ride.


Love the design of the board. I bought the very nice electric skateboard and wanted to share it with my friends.


Skateboard quality is very good, full of power, easy to travel!

The board is great for the price

the board is great for the price

Truly amazing

Beautifully designed, the meepo v2 is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing electric skateboards out there. Both the build quality and finishing while not perfect, are good.

This thing really works

I really like their california looking board, v2


Happy with meepo v2. I pay $115 for car insurance every month and I'm tired of it. My city is based around a university so there are plenty of ways to get around on a board.

The tesla of electric skateboards

The meepo v2 controller also felt nice and comfortable, though it took some getting used to.

loves this skateboard.

The remote is ok. It's not the most ergonomic nor the most intuitive.

Worth it

I'm thinking about purchasing a second board to be able to ride with my son. Also, great for riding to the park and the store!

perfect skateboard

Themeepo v2 is definitely one of the fastest and most powerful boards that Boosted has ever produced. In fact, it is so powerful that it comes with tons of warnings on the box and sprinkled around the manual about just how dangerous electric skateboards can be. With this much power under your feet, you really need to be careful and take your time getting accustomed to the board.