warranty & Return Policy


  1. All Boards come standard Warranty depand vendors which covers any manufacturing defects.
  2. If you can not find what you were looking for, please contact support@eskateboardpark.com.
  3. Most of the Board can be easily repaired by replacing the broken part. We will always diagnose and send free replacement parts for boards under warranty. Shipping fees will be collected.
  4. Different manufacturers have different warranty periods , You can browse the table below:
  5. We will provide technical support in case of damage during transportation.

vendors Warranty Period
Wowgo 90 days
Ownboard 90 days
Teamgee 90 days
Meepo 180 days
Exway 190 days
Iwonder 12 months for board,6 months for battery
Walnutt 180 days
Mellow 2 year warranty for the drive system and the remote 1 year warranty for the battery pack
Teemo Lifetime warranty
MaxFind 180 days

We reply to all questions within 24 hours. You can get replacement parts within 3-8 days if there is ever an issue with your board. The water damage ,wheels wear ,and artificial damage are NOT included in the warranty.



  1. We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at support@eskateboardpark.com

Refund Policy

  1. We don't refund when your ordered products are being built.
  2. We don't refund when your order is shipped out.
  3. We don't refund when there is an issue with the product you received.
  4. We don't accept returns.
  5. we don't accept any personal issue to get refund
  6. If you reject to receive the package when it's in delivery, please send us an email to inform us of the reason for rejection. If you do not send us an email to confirm the reason for rejection, we will not refund. Once we confirm your rejection, we will charge a shipping fee of $60, package return operating fee of $20 and 10% loss fee of the order. After that, we will refund the rest money.

If you have any warranty & Technical questions, please an email at support@eskateboardpark.com directly and we will reply to you within one working day.We have professional technical team and friendly customer service team and can quickly solve your problems. Meanwhile, we have very deep cooperation with major brands and can solve your problems more quickly and professionally