Backfire Electric Skateboard G2t 2.5a Faster Charger

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Free Backfire Cannon Led Light Inside Of The Package (ship From China, Transit Time Varies By Countries)

  • R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display
  • Independently replaceable tires and motors, low maintenance cost (Rear tires now has an internal metal ring )
  • With Samsung 30Q pack you can get 15Miles/25Km Sports Mode riding range (75kg rider 30km/h flat road)
  • 275mm wider wheel span ,more stable
  • 2.5A faster charger ,2.5hours charging time
  • alaxy G2t Specs

    Deck Grip Styles Galaxy Style, Black Gold Style
    Wheels Four 83mm wheels + Four 96mm wheels1
    PU Tire Hardness 83A SHRAA
    Truck Caliber™ II 50-DEGREE
    Motors Two 350W In-Hub Motors
    Battery 36V 6.0Ah with Samsung 30Q Cells
    Range 14.9miles or 24km2
    Top Speed 23.5mph or 38kph
    Hill Climbing Up to 25%
    Weight 14.5lbs or 6.5KG
    Dimensions 94cm x 27.5cm x 11cm
    Charging Time 2.5 hours
    1. 83mm wheels are installed by default, 96mm wheels are included in the package for FREE.
    2. Actual range depends on many factors(rider's weight, average riding speed, road condition and wind speed etc), the range declared here is derived under typical condition: 75Kg rider's weight, 30kph average speed, gentle breeze, flat smooth road.

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