Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard 37" Drop Through Deck | The Thinnest Eboard On The Market


Thinnest E-Skateboard -- Teamgee™ hides a high-performance battery inside the deck, which makes it look like a regular longboard and 1.5 cm thickness is currently the thinnest E-skateboard.

Powerful Ride -- With 380W*2 powerful dual motors, the H5 board reaches speeds up to 22 mph, and 25% grade hill climbing. High-performance battery charging for 2 hours can ride 9~11 Miles. 

Solid Construction -- The Teamgee H5 deck is built from 10 ply Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass, offers a medium flex for a smooth ride, and load up to 200 lbs.

Digital LCD Screen Remote -- Wireless LCD screen remote control with speed indicator, Cruising mode, 2-speed settings(Low:0-10MPH, High:0-21MPH), Battery display, LED Flashlight.

    • Size 37.7''inch
    • Dimension 960*230*116mm 37.8*9.1*4.6inches
    • Wheelbase 800mm  31.5inch
    • Power 350W x2
    • Top Speed 35kph 21.7mph
    • Drive Type Hub motor
    • Speed Mode "low speed mode(top speed12km/h)
    • high speed mode(top speed35km/h)" 7.5mph-21.7mph
    • Uphill 10-15° 27%
    • Weight 6.2kg  13.7lbs
    • Deck 10-Ply Canadian Maple +1 -pls Fiber Glass
    • Max load 100 kg 220 lbs
    • Battery polymer battery 36V 3.5A 126Wh
    • Range 20km  12.4mile
    • Charging Time 120min
    • Front Wheels 84*52mm SHR83A
    • Drive Wheels Brushless hub motor 84*52mm, medium drive motor SHR83A
    • Warranty 6month
    • Remote Function "Remote control type: 2.4G RF technology
    • Remote control distance: effective range: 8-10 meters
    • Speed control: fast and slow shift
    • Direction control: forward and backward one-touch switching
    • Remote control power supply: built-in lithium battery rechargeable 5V 1A
    • Brake Technology (EBS): Electronic Brake
    • Power control: electromagnetic drive, high-precision motor control algorithm, super comfortable riding experience Charging time: 2 hours"
    • Remote Control Thumb Wheel
    • Waterproof IP55
    • Trucks 180MM,50°
    • ESC Sin Wave controller 2WD
    • Ground Clearance
    • Bushing Copper alloy sleeve HRC48
    • Bearing HCH 608RS ABEC-11
    • Electric Skateboard
    • Remote Control
    • Charger
    • Manual
    • Skate tool
    • Griptape cleaner
    • 2x extra motor wheel rubbers

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

So far so good! Very fast and very easy to ride!
I will try the all terrain kit. ✌✌

Best Cheap board for your money

Build quality is great. Wheel size is nice. Little flex to the deck which I like. Speed is more than enough. Trust me, I have an evolve GTX and this board pulls. Braking is great, I like that there is a millisecond gap before it starts braking which allows you to prepare yourself. You and your wallet will not be disappointed.

It’s fast, but easy to ride

Amazing board and super fast. It’s great it has the low speed setting if you want to cruise and the high speed when you really want to move. Only rode it twice and one with my husky running by my side, but there is nothing bad at all. I put some led lights on the bottom to glow when riding at night too

you'll love this board!

The board looks great and rides great! I've had it for abt a week. I use it for the first and last 2 miles of my commute, before and after public transportation/bart. Supposed to have a cruise control function on the remote but haven't got it to work yet, need to figure that out. The weight is easy enough to carry on to the train and when standing up, it takes up very little space, unlike my escooter. Forgot my remote control at home the other day and rode it like a regular skateboard. Got a good workout. 2 speeds and goes pretty fast! Bought the blue wheels from the teamgee website - cant wait to receive them and put them on. Don't believe the reviews complaining abt this board. They're comparing it to $1500 boards. This one is < $500. The remote control is pretty good too. Great purchase.

OH MY GOD! I love it soooo much!

I just got mine a week ago and I’m so addicted to it! I use it to get around work (Facebook HQ) and I’ve already gotten so many compliments on it. You can’t really tell it’s an electric board because it doesn’t have any bulky components sticking out unlike most brands out there that cost double the price but doesn’t look or perform as good!