Lacroix DSS50+ / DSS60 (prototipo)


  • Fastest board, longest range - uncompromising, top of class performance. Ever do huge carves going uphill at insane speed? So fun it’s hard to put into words.

  • Flex, flex, flex - being better connected to the board, it feels like an extension of the body (like surfing or snowboarding in deep powder) and is more comfortable.

  • Lightweight construction - the carbon fiber enclosure, the springless axle trucks, every single screw and insert, the list is long... Every measure was taken to reduce weight.

  • Concave and arch - modeled after countless trial and error, its curves provide the most natural feel.

  • Wider is better - widest on the market, the board is 10.75 inches wide and the trucks are 15.5 inches wide. This means no speed wobble and no - or very little - foot or heel overhang.

  • Pneumatic tires - smoother and more forgiving than urethane. Bigger wheels mean no wheel lock over curbs, cracks and holes - once you switch, you won’t look back.

  • Stable and predictable - makes for a short learning curve. You’ll feel at home quickly.


    Sculpted by a big wave surfboard designer and engineer, the deck and enclosure were conceived as one. The canadian maple board is handmade by an artisan. The carbon fiber enclosure is carefully molded in a motorsports atelier. The beefy, indestructible motor mounts were designed in partnership with a French boardsport legend (Yann Le Brigand - Overion). Powered by 60 cells - a first in a production board - the Design and Speed Study (known as DSS50+ or DSS60 depending on the battery pack) was born out of an obsession for details, where everything is important.


    Thrust by 2 large 3550 watts motors fed by the biggest production high discharge lithium ion battery pack we could fit, it shares the same type cells as a Tesla Model S. But at 786.25wh for the DSS50+ and 666wh for the DSS60, they both have more electrical energy per pound than a P100D. Expect it to climb the steepest hills while accelerating all the way through. It also has the longest range of any production board. But no Autopilot.


    Like a deep powder carve on Alaskan spines or kitting at 30 knots into the sunset, the DSS50+ or DSS60 will give you goosebumps. You’ll make detours to add tens of kilometers to your commute and you’ll find any excuse to go outside and ride it.


    Because it feels like nothing else.

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