Maxfind Max C Electric Skateboard 27" Most Portable Hub Motor


Powered by a high-performance brushless hub motor, Max C gives you strong brake, fast acceleration, and steep hill climbing. The hub motor can storage electricity when it's on the downhill and convert part of the potential energy to electric energy and avoid damage to the motor caused by overload. Reaching a speed of 15 mph and climbing 15° hills, MAX C is perfect for users looking for a powerful yet affordable way to get around. Ideal for city commutes and epic rides, the Max C is equipped with LG 18650-sized cell as used by Tesla and other electric vehicles.The battery can ensure an range of 11 miles before recharging. Max C is ready to go everywhere. Its IP65 water & dust proof design shrugs off rain, puddles, dust and sand. We have selected the brushless motor with excellent heat dissipation structure and sealed it with covers, which can greatly reduce the bearing, motor, and control board contact with water and dust contact. The good performance in reducing the working temperature of the motor will greatly extend the motor life as well.

  • Glass fiber & PP composite, only 6.5KG/14.3lbs:  It has a strong quality, lighter and easier to lift with one hand. You will have an easy experience.
  • Unibody with built-in electric components  : Breaking through the traditional skateboarding is a  very suitable travel tool.  
  • Max Speed & Battery Type: 28km/h(17.4mile/h) & 4.4Ah 36V 158.4WH  It has a strong power, and will make you have a speed experience, feel the thrill of the limit. And can be fully charged within two hours. 
  • Powerful 1000W*2 in-wheel dual-driven motors: Original imported battery, and guaranteed battery life.
  • Wheel Material:PU  In order to make the skateboard more stable at the extreme speed, we used a hard PU
  • IP65 dust-water-proof design & 25% incline rate: It is suitable for all kinds of flat roads, detours, water channels and ramps.
  • Battery Charge Time & Cycle charging : 120 minutes & 800 times
  • Max loading: 120KG/265lbs
    • Size 27''inch
    • Dimension 680*220*150mm 26.7*8.7*5.9inches
    • Wheelbase 400 15.7
    • Power 500w
    • Top Speed 24Kph 14.9Mp
    • Drive Type Hub motor
    • Speed Mode Low/High
    • Uphill 15%
    • Weight 3.7 8.2
    • Deck pp+glass fiber
    • Max load 80 176
    • Battery Samsung 2.2Ah,36V
    • Range 13 8.1
    • Charging Time 60min
    • Front Wheels 70X51mm
    • Drive Wheels 78A
    • Warranty 180days
    • Remote Function 480ma charging time 30min
    • Remote Control Dial control
    • Waterproof IP65
    • Trucks Maxfind
    • ESC sine wave
    • Ground Clearance 11CM
    • Bushing Aluminum alloy
    • Bearing Normal
    • Electric Skateboard
    • Remote Control
    • Charger
    • Manual
    • Skate tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love it!

"""I only had little experience with riding a skateboard, but I have done wake surfing for a while now. I wanted to branch out and start skating more, especially since I live on a college campus. After only a few practice funs in low traffic areas, I felt very confident on the Boosted. It is the tesla of electric skateboards, and I love everything about it.

Great board

Only had for a few days but has been fantastic so far

don't be hesitate just but it

I really love this board, because it is only 3.7kg extremely portable for everyday commute and approved for air travel, the smallest and lightest electric skateboard penny board in the world!

I will recommend it to you

"The board looks great and rides great! I've had it for aboutt a week. I use it for the first and last 2 miles of my commute, before and after public transportation/bart. Supposed to have a cruise control function on the remote but haven't got it to work yet, need to figure that out. The weight is easy enough to carry on to the train and when standing up, it takes up very little space.



I received this skateboard as a birthday present. I have to admit that this is an amazing skateboard and it has done everything it should. The battery works well and provides a long distance as described. Smooth riding and fast speed as usual.